Virtual Reality In Education And Beyond

The expeditions project of Google allows instructors take their students on immersive virtual field trips. National Aeronautics and Space Administration continues to be using VR for academic and training goals for years, especially in its spacewalk simulations. The truth is, at SXSW in March, National Aeronautics and Space Administration revealed its new Mars Encounter, a cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Blend Press that allows users model life to the red earth.

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The Future of VR Technology

With the advance in technology, it is not very hard to understand what the future of gaming is. Before few decades, gaming has reached a completely different level. Beginning from 2D games, now our video games are becoming nearer to reality. And that is being focused on by video game consoles. With that thought, comes virtual reality apparatus like Project Morpheus and Occulus Rift. While Sony owns Project Morpheus Facebook owns Occulus Rift. These apparatus are targeting to give the superior encounter of gaming to users by enabling users to socialize all around them in the gaming universe.

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